Ceramic Frit For Pottery Use

Ceramic Frit For Pottery Use
Product Details

Pottery Glaze Chemicals for Industrial Use


For pottery,single and double firing, to creat transparent effects,suitable temperature 950-1150?  

Without lead ceramic frit.

No hamful element for human body.

Third party inspection to ensure safety.


Testing for Safety:

Because pottery is intended for functional use, we has always been careful about food safety issues. “Since we make my own glazes, we know that there’s no barium or lead in this code. JinMing also request Materials Safety Data Sheets on all of my stains to ensure they don’t contain any harmful elements,

However, claiming to be careful isn’t always enough when the contents of a glaze are called into question.JinMing began sending his glazes to an independent testing agency to test the formular to ensure its safety.

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