Zirconium Opaque Frit For Wall Tile

Zirconium Opaque Frit For Wall Tile
Product Details

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Opaque frit  JM668

Place of original:zibo ceramic industry zone,China
Zirconium Opaque Frit Appearance:Transparent granule or a little white
Zirconium Opaque Frit Application:For wall tile single firing and double firing,suitable for silk-screen printing and inkjet printing use to show perfect color effect.
Zirconium Opaque Frit Enterprise Brand :JINMING GLAZE
Zirconium Opaque Frit Opaque frit softening temperature: 800°C
Zirconium Opaque Frit Opaque frit firing temperature:1050-1130°C
C.O.E: 175(×10-7/°C)
Zirconium Opaque Frit Package type: 50kgs/bag

Super white opaque frit,smooth zircon opaque frit.
Adapt wide range temperature and stable quality.
For our opaque frit, bluish white and yellow white is both available,the color effect on our opaque frit is very good for ink prinit or silk screen prinit.
Also you can use our opaque frit together with our semi-opaque and transparent frit to reduce cost,at the same time this formula also have good performance.
Zirconium Opaque Frit Advantage:
1.Customer from indonesia,pakistan,vienam ,africa,china local are using our produts,so we communicate with all customer every week and keep our produts updated according customer requirment.That is the reason that our opaque frit can take leadin position among chinese opaque frit supplier.
2.we use LONGLI brand Zinc oxide (99% content)  and GLODSUN Zirconium Silicate to produce ceramic frit,so good raw material can ensure the perfect opaque frit stable and wide range temperature.

3.We have a special kiln to melt and produce opaque frit during the whole year,only produce opaque frit JM668,so we can guarantee its high quality and high stability.

We also accept customized products, you can send your sample to me and we analyse it with our kiln,then our engineer will adjust the similar sample to you to test. Also we can recommend similar frit to you to confirm if it is suitable for your kiln.

Jinming Glaze is one of the leading Opaque Frit manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with a professional factory and plant and offering the products' free sample, welcome to buy our low price zirconium opaque frit for wall tile and also welcome to check the price, pricelist, enquiry and quotation with us.


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