High COE Titanium Frit

High COE Titanium Frit
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Titanium frit  JM309

Color:Yellow transparent particles
High COE:300(×10-7/ °C)
Range of firing temperature:1050-1130°C
Content: 8.5% titanium dioxide (TiO2)
Feature:High excellent flexibility,low temperature and high COE titanium frit

Titanium Glaze Frit Application: Used for water-proof engobe frit glaze of fast firing wall and floor tiles. 

Titanium Glaze Frit Description: It is opaque and can increase the whiteness of the engobe glaze,decrease the engobe glazes temperature,prevent ceramic tile from water,can also be used with other titanium opaque frit to get the best effect according to the firing temperature.

Why choose us: 

1.We use 8.5% high quality titanium frit to assure the whiteness and water-proof ability.
2.We will produce bulk quantity(about 1000-1500 tons)per code per time and the process of the kiln is continuous.There is no formular change so titanium frit will be top stable and high quality.
3.Reasonable price, professional knowledge to find best solutions to change and improve ceramic engobe react condition.

Titanium frit is a ceramic raw material composition including titanium dioxide that has been fused in a consecutive fusing kiln, quenched to form a glass, and granulated. The purpose of this pre-fusion is to render any toxic components insoluble by causing them to combine with silica and other added oxides.
Titanium Frit form an important part of the batches used in compounding glaze and ceramic glazes for engobe frit.

We have a stable standard about titanium frit so customer are glad to work with us.

Jinming Glaze is one of the leading Titanium Frit manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with a professional factory and plant and offering the products' free sample, welcome to buy our low price high coe titanium frit and also welcome to check the price, pricelist, enquiry and quotation with us.


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