Transparent Printing Glaze For Wall Tile

Transparent Printing Glaze For Wall Tile
Product Details

Transparent Printing Glaze  JM-8109

Firing tem:1050-1120 °C

Usage: Printing power(30%-40%)+60% printing oil+10%pigment for silk screen use.

This use methods is just for your reference,you can change the percentage ratio to get best effect according your kiln temperature condition, we will give you sample to test for final confirmation.

Transparent printing glaze,high flatness,good transparency,excellent brightness and perfect color showing,less pinhole,use for high top inkjet interior wall tile,it also can mix with opaque frit to low down cost and improve color showing. 

Suitable for metal glaze,can be added some zirconium silicate to advance feculent,and added AL2O3 to advance firing temperature, and added stains and 2-3% ZnO to improve the coloring and surface effect.

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