Full Polished Glaze8106

Full Polished Glaze8106
Product Details

Full polished glaze  JM-8106

Place of original:Zibo city,Shandong province,China

Color:Transparent granule

Application:For wall tile double firing ,suitable for silk-screen printing or inkjet printing style to show perfect color effect.

Firing temperature:1000-1150?

C.O.E: 175(×10-7/ °C)

Packing details: Net 50kgs/bag or ton bags  

Shipping Methods: by sea, samples can be sent by express.

The using process as following: 

Body engobe?glaze?printing glaze?polish glaze?firing ? polishing the tile to get a  marble like and mirror like tile,it is very smooth and glossy.

The full polished glaze is antibacterial to keep the tile neat and clean,there is little pinhole on it.Also the printing color will have a perfect outlook.

Wide range temperature and high expansion coefficient and melting temperature is higher, all those characteristic make the ceramic tile high brightness and high transparency,super flat.

Why choose JinMing full-polished glaze?

1.Free samples could be expressed for you test.

2.Best technical service: our professional engineer can provide the satisfying technical services for free in order to help our users improve the product quality, reduce the 

production cost and keep the production stable.

3.Professional sales team, offering personalized and dedicated heart to supply one-stop services such as sample test,produts delivery,document prepare and customs clear according customer requirment.

4.Market leadship,product innovation,reliable management systems.

Jinming Glaze is one of the leading High Temperature Full Polished Glaze For Wall Tile manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with a professional factory and plant and offering the products' free sample, welcome to buy our low price full polished glaze8106 and also welcome to check the price, pricelist, enquiry and quotation with us.


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