Full Polished Glaze8107

Full Polished Glaze8107
Product Details

Full polished glaze  JM-8107

Made in Zibo,China

Outlook:Transparent granule

Fit for kiln temperature:1000-1100?

The using process as following: 

Ceramic body engobe?glaze?printing glaze?polish glaze?firing? polishing the tile to get a mirror like tile,it is very smooth and glossy.

No pinhole,super flatness and top glossy and transparency is it feature for this polished glaze.

As a manufacturer of polished glaze for wall tile, we have the responsibility to make perfect wedding dress for ceramic tile.Welcome for any question about our polished glaze.

Jinming Glaze is one of the leading Low Temperature Full Polished Glaze For Wall Tile manufacturers and suppliers in China, equipped with a professional factory and plant and offering the products' free sample, welcome to buy our low price full polished glaze8107 and also welcome to check the price, pricelist, enquiry and quotation with us.


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