Advantages and disadvantages compare advantages gloss glazed polished natural and comfortable nicely decorated

Glazed polished tiles of natural oils can be compared with the natural stone

Natural stone of texture and natural gloss is people like and sought after of reason, and full throwing glaze tile products, after high temperature fired zhihou, in natural gloss degrees aspects, very perfect, completely can and natural stone phase comparable, especially from cost aspects greatly drop generation, actual of construction also became simple easy, and in environmental aspects of standard and index more is was reduced, completely without worried radiation and color of problem. Natural stone does have advantages in natural color, but actual use has a lot of inconvenience and glazed polished to overcome all shortcomings, economic practicality is also stronger.

Glazed polished antique bricks and tiles were the advantages and disadvantages of integrated advantages of very good quality

Full throwing glaze products brand of of business is most main of products features, and in production full throwing glaze brick of strength aspects brand very has advantage, special design out and natural stone lines consistent of brick, more is has first-class of design team in for making and reached of process, for practical standard is high of consumers for, full throwing glaze brick production most important of features also is put design good of spent type after high temperature refining of process for coloring fixed, and keep its chemical of stability, In order to improve more obvious advantages in life, especially compared with polished tiles and antique brick, polished glaze characteristics are more stable.