Characteristics of glazed polished tiles

Suits more

After the high temperature sintering ceramic tiles, pattern color colored texture is dialysis, not ordinary rough pattern on the tile surface, but see, touched a special colored muscle lines, colorful, diverse varieties, natural. Glazed polished product can be polished or it can be polished to meet different consumer preferences.

Long service life

Touch, surface soft, smooth, not convex, translucent, clear natural stone texture under the glaze, and the upper transparent glaze fused, like a layer of transparent glazed Crystal film cover, make more solid the whole hierarchy. Polished tiles used for a long time, Matt easily; antique bricks used for a long time, because the surface of the glaze layer is thin, easy to wear. Full cast fired ceramic tiles a transparent glaze thicker and not easy to wear, so its service life is generally double loading tiles 3 times.

Asian glazed polished tiles with advanced equipment, quality raw materials, reliable technology, first-class research and development team, strict testing means, together creating a quality ceramic products, making Asia China ceramic industry "leader." Asia minor ceramic tile design, styles, rich in color, due to its high hardness, low absorption rate and superior corrosion resistance, excellent quality, the community was respected. Particularly the stone series, is really fashionable height to the top of the building arts!