Discussion on clinker quality inspection

The most rapid, efficient way to test, is made of fritted glaze frit put on on the tile samples, experiments in roller, prescribed burning after the system burning, check samples of glazes, gloss, transparency of opaque, matte or silk effects.

Their mode of operation is to take 100g frit, after made of fritted glaze (manipulate the glaze of precision, technical parameters such as density, viscosity of the glaze) glazing on the tile samples, remaining in the density and quality of glaze under the same premise, made test strip. Will try in under the same system of sintering firing of glazed tile, firing carried out the inspection.

Property of frit glaze: glaze frit situation introduced by part of the raw materials in the glaze. When you prepare glaze, if required, some water soluble ingredients, such as saltpeter, borax etc, must take their rates and quartz or other silicate materials under certain tacit understanding, and mix, made from frit, dike in water soluble materials in the manufacture of glazed melted in water. Such as dye on to Frits melting in advance, the pigment distribution is more clay in the glaze mixed glaze made of finely ground brilliant has a stable suspension and adhesion to the body.