Function crystal clear frit

Porcelain produced in crystal clear frit serves to make soluble materials cannot be dissolved so toxic raw materials free of toxic, disintegration of the glaze, oxidation of diminishing against, as a flux decline in the sintering temperature of porcelain, porcelain and fast firing at low temperature, transfer glaze quality, mobilizing function of the goods.

Crystal cleaning method

1. cold water immersion method: use a small bowl or Cup, will be defensive in the salt in a bowl, place the Crystal immersed in water for about 30 minutes, then use a small brush, Crystal has gently back and forth, waving in the water for a while, out to dry with paper towels.

2. thorough cleaning: use a small bowl or Cup Liangzhuang defensive after the salt melt in the warm water, soak 24 per 10 grams per hour. Finally, dry with a soft lint-free. Royal keep salt wash given the Crystal very, very big impact of human, human parts revealed. But natural part does not affect.

3. quick cleaning: the acquisition of defensive salt, bury purifying crystal. Planting needs 24 hours at a time, and has a fault it is if it is human in defensive Crystal salt will give human part of the show.

Thus if it is human defensive for salt crystals cannot be processed. Above 3 ways is a relatively simple conservation methods.