Glazed ceramic tiles clinker quality discussion

⑴ manufacturing melt block of purpose makes dissolved Yu water of raw materials into not dissolved must made melt block, dissolved Yu water of raw materials and not dissolved Yu water of raw materials mixed by high temperature melting Hou formed not dissolved Yu water of glass melt block; makes raw materials in the of crystal water, and carbonate salt, full oxidation decomposition, reduced glaze burn Shi of decomposition reaction; makes toxic raw materials into nontoxic or toxicity is micro-of form, to guarantee operation personnel of body health. Low-melting glaze to use borax, boric acid, sodium carbonate, potassium nitrate, such as red lead, frit must therefore be made to apply.

⑵ frit furnace types of frit summed up in the following four types of furnace: frit--batch-type furnace (that is a crucible furnace), this kind of furnace has been eliminated--continuous frit furnace (the conical crucibles with out holes in the lower part). This furnace factory application, this furnace for upper feeding after preheating, oxidation decomposition and melting, combine together to hole from below into the pool. --Rotary melting furnaces, actually is a batch-type furnaces. Powder added, rotating furnace and heated powder melt within a blend well then add the pool, and so production;--pool-frit furnace feeding into intermittent feeding or continuous charging, flame motion straight flame and both returned fire, melt frit continuous outflow of good. Four types of frit furnace, furnace, and mainly depends on the plant's production scale, depending on the type of fuel, no matter which form of frit furnace applications, the most important of the frit is produced in line with quality requirements.