Glazed polished

1. glaze formulation of unreasonable effects of antifouling

Adjust if glaze is not reasonable, and large area fails to pass the anti-fouling phenomena. In the production process, you can try different glaze glaze out of the company, to find out the reasons to adjust.

2. polishing blocks and head pressure and depth of polished glaze tile polishing antifouling effect

Polished glaze tile in polishing process, if improper blocks or head pressure is too large, excessive grinding depth and other factors will cause body antifouling performance. Therefore, in the process of polishing, grinder in the early arrangement should not be too rough to be aware and grinding pressure not to expect too much, otherwise it will cause such as edge grinding deep body, thereby reducing its ability to stain.

3. polished glaze tile antifouling agent effects on antipollution performance of green body

Stone and tiles, its surface must be coated with a layer of antifouling agent in order to improve its surface antifouling ability, quality varies due to various anti-fouling products, anti-fouling abilities vary. Because when you select the antifouling agent, you need to select different properties according to the end uses of products of antifouling agents. Currently on the market is the most widely used organic silicon oil antifouling agent, it is the use of synthetic polymer solid membrane surrounding the effective opening holes, using effective methods to reduce surface tension to prevent contaminants from entering the pores, so as to achieve the purpose of pollution prevention. In addition, in the process of polishing, to control a good body gloss and body surface temperature of drying and the antifouling agent filled, otherwise it will reduce the body's anti-fouling properties.