Nozzle of ink jet printing machine’s common problems and solving methods

1.Problem: line drawing
line drawing is a common problem of inkjet printing machine in the process of production to affect quality and continuous production, this is mainly caused by nozzle blockage. Because of the nozzle hole and the ink dot is very thin (microns), tiny impurities and dust and water vapor is enough to block the nozzle, or blot out spraying ink point, so blockage is a common defect of inkjet printing machine
Generally speaking, the blockage is divided into two parts: inside blockage and outer blockage of nozzle. Inside blockage of nozzle is generally caused by the ink road pollution and ink precipitation these two reasons, and the ink road pollution is usually caused by the new equiped parts are not completely clean, so when replacing parts must wash strictly, at the same time, the filter usually one to two months all changed on a regular basis. Outer blockage is usually caused by machine itself or external pollution, external pollution has come from the dust in the workshop, also from the dust and water vapor of tile body.
2.Problem: when production drops of ink
Possible reasons: nozzle drops of ink or suction duct ‘s force is not enough.
Solution: (1) increasing the vacuum degree; Analysis: increase suction of nozzle to the drops of ink, commonly used in pressure can not meet the requirements of the installed, can not blindly increasing the vacuum degree.
(2) decrease the temperature of tile body; Analysis: tile body temperature is too high will produce some water vapor, water droplets will combine with ink to form a precipitate and drops gradually formed.
(3) using automatic cleaning method to clean nozzle; Analysis: manually, physical cleaning, is the most simple and most common emergency treatment.
(4) increasing the frequency of the suction duct; Analysis: on the basis of the pressure is big enough.

3.Problem: in the production process has a white line
Possible reasons: nozzle blocked; Analysis: it could be particles, also could  be drops of ink.
Solution: (1) high vacuum degree, lower it; Analysis: the higher vacuum degree can suppress the ink jet normally;
(2) the drops of ink, with automatic cleaning system cleaning nozzle; Analysis: one of the emergency handling in production.
(3) with a clean cloth to wipe nozzle, pay attention to the nozzle can't wipe back and forth, only one direction to wipe otherwise it will damage the nozzle; Analysis: commonly used in automatic cleaning nozzle failed.
(4) improve voltage and with 100% grayscale images to print continuously; Analysis: the effect is not very good, but could put through the ink road, make printing into normal;
(5) switch the in and out of pipe on the nozzle to make the ink flow reverse; Analysis: after failed to automatic cleaning nozzle and manual wipe nozzle to use.
4.Problem: vacuum degree in the process of production is not stable
Possible reasons: ink box have air entering or leak ink road.
Solution: (1) check the ink pump, foam pump, circulating pump is working correctly, note: replacing ink pump, foam pump must see clearly in and out of the pipe;
(2) check whether defoamer filter’s in and out pipe leak;
(3) whether the filter pipe clamp clamping, clamping the pipe again.
5.Problem: have deposit ink or hang on ink
possible reasons: the tension of the ink is low or ink jet machine voltage does not fit.
Solution: (1) change high tension ink; Analysis: not recommended, bleed off ink and wash clean will produce a lot of cost, if not clean, different kinds of ink reaction may occur and affect the ink nozzle;
(2) reduce the voltage of the inkjet machine, observe the hang ink, note that don't make big wave when adjust voltage. Analysis: it is recommended that debugging voltage to fit the tension of the ink, usually debugging when installed.