Titanium frit JM309

Titanium frit, the major raw material is titanium dioxide. The content of titanium dioxide is about 8.5% in titanium frit.We have developed the titanium frit in a free match according to the temperature of frit and expansion coefficient to meet the requirements of every customers.

Titanium frit is mainly used for the waterproof ground coat of interior ceramic tiles, and the ground coat and cover glaze of exterior tiles and floor tiles.

The titanium content of titanium frit is high, and can be crystallized in the production. The degree of whiteness is high that the ground coat can have a high covering power and the effect of being water-resistant, and color of the body of interior wall tile will not have a negative influence on the surface decorative effect of tiles.

Water proof and hign whitenss is  character of our titanium frit, pls contact with us for details.