What is a "stone" tiles

Is a thin glaze, deformation. Glazed tile types are: polished tiles, listello tile, antique brick 3 series. Crystal brick throwing is half-thrown bricks, a few throwing bricks. Polished glazed listello tile polished and half shot 2. Stone is such a wide variety of antique brick, broadly divided into half behind glazed antique brick, antique brick, polished stone surface glazed antique brick, unglazed and a half behind antique brick and unglazed thrown antique brick. From the variety of glazes to Taiwan: crystal transparent or translucent glazing, high hardness, wear-resistant glazing, glazed metal category.

Second, the smoothness. Due to various materials and firing technology in glazed parameter, the smoothness of the surface of glazed tile there's a big difference, smooth range from 0.5mm~2mm. Although the variety of polished glaze tile, but there are also similarities: except for a few full-line throwing bricks on polished surface flatness requirements, others do not need to throw the entire surface, but to keep Adobe original macro profile, or entire polished surface polishing effect uniformly, without significant differences.

Third, gloss. Crystal brick throwing and waist-line bricks have high requirements for gloss, requested above 70 degrees, some even more than 90 degrees. Archaize brick to gloss requirements is not high, generally below 70, ask Matt.

Four is the glaze layer thickness and hardness. Antique brick thickness of the glaze layer between 0.3mm~0.8mm and polished Crystal tile and glaze layers are thicker of waist line brick, generally between 0.6mm~1.3mm and 1.5mm per cent. All brick layers of glaze is thick, mainly through the deformation of thickened glaze layers to make up for the tile, so that the polished surface does not show. Glaze hardness in addition to the 5~7 range.