Polished Vetrosa Tell You Something

    Glass polishing refers to the use of chemical or physical methods to eliminate the glass surface lines, scratches and some other flaws, improve the glass transparency and refractive index, so that the glass is more vitrified.Polished Vetrosa

    Method 1: Fire polishing

The use of flame on the glass surface softening and the impact of fire on the glass, glass products can solve some of the surface of the material but the glass surface after treatment will be reduced flatness of the general hollow glass glass cut after the mouth is relatively rough can be used to polish this method Material glass: soda - lime glass, high - jump glass. Negative effect: easy to fry

   Method 2 Polished Polishing

The use of polishing powder on the glass surface of the high-speed friction to get rid of scratches, sassafras, etc., to maximize the glass to improve the light transmission and refraction effect !!! Before polishing the first polished parts of the belt grinding, pure The above is the use of more than 400 mesh grinding disc grinding .This polishing method using a lot of tools and materials, but the best effect is wool wheel + cerium oxide (common name: rare earth polishing powder) on the production and use of machinery is not here , With the material glass: the vast majority of glass products negative role: relatively slow

    Method 3: Acid polishing

The use of acid on the glass corrosion of the glass surface treatment, polished in the same need before the use of glass on the use of abrasive belt grinding, because the acid polishing can reduce the thickness of the glass a lot, but not necessarily able to completely remove the glass lines. It is not subject to any change in the quality of the glass. This method is extremely dangerous! Non-professionals and companies with complete equipment do not recommend personal testing. Applicable glass: any glass (but the effect of polishing by the glass material itself Decided) Negative role: smoothness is not good control, the glass products have a certain loss of water chestnut.Polished Vetrosa

In the workpiece plane processing, check whether the surface of the glass meet the requirements, it is best to check under the light, and then the workpiece to be cleaned, the last glass will be coated with protective glue to protect the glass lens effect.Polished Vetrosa

Polishing refers to the use of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical role, so that the workpiece surface roughness reduced in order to obtain bright, flat surface processing methods. Is the use of polishing tools and abrasive particles or other polishing media on the surface of the workpiece modified processing.Polished Vetrosa