Baoyou Glaze: Field Of Technology Innovation To Seize Grain High

"We have a test kiln, material made of special products are available every day. Is currently studying how to frit into polished Crystal brick throwing under the glaze layer, make the product more unique textures, the product has entered the pilot phase. "Bao-Li Lin, General Manager of the glaze, and the generation of female head study in the development of new products. In her eyes, at the current stage of market transformation, only focused on product innovation and technology research and development, in order to seize the market. It can be expected that if the successful development of new products, it will definitely cause Crystal brick throwing a new trend in the field.

Crystal brick throwing is used in walls, halls and other places, polished Crystal tile used in the ground in the second half of last year. However, if product is used, it requires high surface hardness and transparency, and strict measures for preventing the appearance of scratches. Crystal brick throwing the surface hardness is determined by the polished Crystal-melt, according to Li Lin introduced, precious friend frit glaze Crystal polished tile surface hardness up to 4800 rpm, higher than other enterprises 4100-4300, also is far higher than other enterprises.

High quality products without strict production monitoring and management. It is well known that frit "bubble" phenomena 60% impurities from the production process. To this end, the Po glaze is extremely eco-friendly production, improve workplace dust, insulation, cleaning buildings for up to two hours a day. In fact, starting from October last year, Bao glaze at least invested 5 million Yuan, vigorously rectifying plant construction, improve production conditions and optimization of internal management, the strict requirements of each employee must comply with the requirements to engage in all aspects of production. In order to comply with international standards of production of energy saving and environmental protection, the company invested heavily in the introduction of imported equipment, automation of production control, plant workers and about 12 people, on average, each device only needs one operator, factory production of harmonious coexistence with the surrounding environment.