Bo Tao Kiln Frit Kiln Technology In The Technological Advances To New Heights

Bo Tao of ceramic frit kiln kiln building, from design to construction excellence. On the material selection, choose a reasonable mix of science, frit kilns the overall service life of up to three years, and the cost is not too high. If the entire life-cycle to calculate costs, than the product life of about one year's furnace costs even lower.

It is understood that the Bo Tao Kiln for the design and construction of a factory in Guangdong province a melted area of 12 square meters of ceramic frit kiln, three years later, in maintenance in the first half of this year, the reasons for its failure is that furnace regenerator blockage. "If it is not blocked and the furnace can also be used for more than six months. "Rivers said, then repaired only replaced the regenerator checker, bottom and melt the wall brick, others such as the regenerator walls, chest wall and cover part of the melt pool are not removed," still continue to use the expected life of the chest wall and cover more than two years. "It is understood that the life of ceramic frit kiln to achieve such present little in the industry, this has brought huge economic benefits to manufacturers, and significant cost savings.