Boweijing And Thick Products-ceramic Structures

Boweijing-ceramics with thick is crystallized through market competition and derived products. Boweijing are widely used in home decoration, the main competitors are the traditional micro-Crystal, stone and tiles, boweijing wear-resistant than stone, slightly inferior to polished, its thermal resistance, crack resistance is far superior to the traditional micro-Crystal stone. Thin layers of glass-ceramics, boweijing smoothness is slightly lower than the traditional crystallized, but higher than those of stone, but also solves the glazed polished wave phenomena. Boweijing and crystallized with one very important difference is cost. Thin ceramic tile manufacturers are relatively strict control of this point, 1 square thin ceramic frit size ordinary microcrystalline, reduces 1.5kg, its production cost can be said in glazed polished and common between crystallized. Boweijing positioning in the crystallized and glazed polished between the price is slightly higher than the whole stone. Thin microcrystalline higher cost, to allow more consumer acceptance, has the potential for becoming one of the ceramic tile market development. The other hand, some with the traditional concept of consumer choice crystallized, just looking at glass-ceramic layer thickness, they find it very thin is definitely cutting corners, which are thin microcrystalline promotion needs to solve the problem.

Thick ceramic different from boweijing market position, its competitors are high end tiles products, mainly promotional focus is and the more developed coastal areas in East China, mainly aimed at high-end clients, meet the individualized needs of high-end consumers, where the flow of relatively large hotels, clubs, shopping malls and other high-grade public places also have great advantages.