Classification Of Vetrosa And Performance Introduction

     Ordinary Flat Glass: Civil engineering construction used in the ordinary flat glass thickness of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, light transmittance is very high, can be through the daylight of more than 80%. The density is 2500~2600kg/m3, the acid resistance is strong, but does not alkali. Glass is also known as hair glass. By the surface of the flat glass by mechanical sandblasting or hand-ding grinding methods, the surface is rough, can be light but not perspective, more for bathrooms, bathrooms and other doors and windows.Vetrosa

     Embossed glass also known as patterned glass or rolling glass. With the engraved drum to suppress the plastic state of the glass blank made. Its surface uneven, so that refraction of light is irregular, with the characteristics of transparent, often used in office buildings, conference rooms, toilets and other doors and windows. The installation should be the pattern toward the interior, so not because of the water after the light can be perspective, also not easy to accumulate ash dirty. Color glass in the raw materials to add metal oxides can produce transparent color glass, suitable for building inside and outside the wall, windows and doors decoration.Vetrosa

     Glass is a quartz sand, soda ash, feldspar and limestone as the main raw materials, through the melting, molding, cooling solidified from the crystallization of inorganic materials. It has the general material difficulty to have the transparency, has the fine mechanical mechanical properties and the thermodynamic property. In addition, with the development of modern architecture needs, the development of multi-functional direction. Glass deep-processing products can control the light, adjust the temperature, prevent dryness and improve the art of building decoration and other functions. Glass is no longer just daylighting materials, but also a structural material and decorative material of modern architecture.Vetrosa

    Safety Glass refers to glass with high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance compared with ordinary glass. The main varieties are tempered glass, Rings, laminated glasses and titanium. When the safety glass is smashed, its fragments will not hurt people, and has the function of anti-theft and fireproof. According to the glass original film used in production, safety glass has a certain decorative effect.Vetrosa