Differences In Development Of The Thin And Thick-ceramics-ceramics

Comparison between thin and thick

In terms of performance, thick Ceramic-ceramic thick, transparent, icing is a strong, catering to the pursuit of high end luxury consumer groups. Compared with the thick ceramic, thin ceramic products are better for the environment, high hardness, high abrasion resistance and time shorter, thinner, solves the microcrystalline abrasion resistance is not high the problem plagued the industry for years, became one of the development direction of microcrystalline, would also be civilian popularity of crystallized a landmark product. Boweijing set of thin, hard, bright light, and other excellent features all in one, needed cutting, jigsaw puzzle, such as processing, flooring non-slip, and can meet the needs of decorative patterns on the wall.

Boweijing Mohs hardness is only slightly lower than the polished, wear-resistant than traditional crystallized and glazed polished, its thermal resistance, crack resistance is far superior to micro-Crystal stone. Furthermore, close to microcrystalline boweijing permeability, roughness higher than glazed polished or glazed polished water problems. Traditional microcrystalline glass-ceramics containing bubbles of the problem could not be cured because of thin ceramic materials and microcrystalline vary, melting during the firing process, Adobe and frit are combined better, essentially the drain tile outside the bubble, solves the problem of traditional crystallized glass bubbles.