Full Polished Glaze Tiles

            The whole polishing glaze is a kind of special formula glaze which can be polished on the glaze surface, it is the last glaze of the antique brick, it is usually transparent glazed or transparent convex glaze, apply to the full cast glaze tiles set polished tiles and antique brick advantages in one, glazed like polished brick-like smooth bright clean, while its glaze colors such as antique brick-like pattern rich, thick or gorgeous color. Industry experts believe that the full polishing ceramic tile combined with the advantages of polished tiles and antique bricks, more suitable for home use.

            After high temperature sintering ceramic tile, the pattern coloring texture is the dialysis color, is not the ordinary tile surface rough pattern, but can see, touches the special coloring muscle pattern, the color is vivid, the color variety, the texture nature. All-glazing products can be polished or not polished, to meet the preferences of different consumer groups.Full Polished Glaze

Longer service life, the general polishing brick with a long, easy to matte light, antique brick with a long, because the surface of the glaze is relatively thin, easy to wear. The glazed tile with full polishing glaze is thicker and not easy to wear, so its service life is 3 times times that of the general micro-powder brick. Beautiful, bright this feature is still attracting a lot of consumers, with this tile decorating home will appear very bright.Full Polished Glaze

            Smooth, fully glazed tiles have one thing that's not a good point. That is, the surface is smooth, because from the security point of view of family life, too smooth tile surface will increase the insecurity in life, that is, in the use of this tile to consider the safety of the problem, especially at home with elderly or children.Full Polished Glaze