Germany Lead Cadmium, Barium And Zinc Nontoxic Low Temperature Fritted Glaze

Original low temperature fritted glaze contains a lot of lead oxide, cadmium oxide, barium oxide and zinc oxide compositions, in particular lead, cadmium and barium is toxic and harmful to human health. Therefore severely restricted in many countries with glazes containing these ingredients to produce ceramics for daily use such as utensils, cups and so on. In order to improve sanitation glazing work and ceramics provide low temperature fritted glaze containing toxic substances, United States, and Japan, and Italy, and France and other countries have developed lead-free or lead-free and cadmium low temperature fritted glaze. Recently, nontoxic and low temperature fritted glaze has a new invention.
According to overseas reports, Germany in a low temperature fritted glaze are lead-free and cadmium on the basis of the adjusted raw material and formula, recently invented a kind of lead, cadmium, barium and zinc components, and more nontoxic low temperature fritted glaze with low melting point. According to reports, the frit glaze is set by 20~40SiO2, and 10~25%B2O3, and 10~25%ZnO2, and 3~13%SnO2, and 3~13%La2O3, and 7~15%LiO2 (and/or 3~13%CeO2), 0~10%TiO2, and 0~10%Al2O3, 0~3%Na2O, 0~3%K2O, 0~3%MgO and 0~3%F2 distribution into, ZrO2, La2O (and/or Ce2O) And SnO2 total within the 30~45%, La2O and the amount of SnO2 ratio is 4~1:1~4. Into frit glaze compared with the original low temperature fritted glaze of lead and cadmium-free and has more advantages, it does not contain lead, cadmium, barium and zinc not only four ingredients, glazes and use a more secure health, further elimination of health hazards, and lower glass transition temperature, up to 535 c, also has excellent acid and alkali resistance. Except for ceramic products, also suitable for glass and glass-ceramics.