How Is The Vacuum Vetrosa Cup Made?

     Vacuum glass principle is the principle of thermos, vacuum glass and Thermos has many similarities. The Thermos is composed of two layers of glass shell inside and out cavity, empty cavity vacuum, silver plating in cavity. Vacuum Glass is two pieces of flat glass sealed around, there is a gap between the gap will be vacuum. Vetrosa

      Two pieces of glass are coated with a layer or two layer of transparent low radiation film. Therefore, some people jokingly called "vacuum glass is to make a flat plate" or "put the Thermos in the window" "put the building in a thermos bottle."Vetrosa

     The working principle of vacuum glass and Thermos bottle is the same, but the structure between them is very different. The inner liner of a thermos bottle is essentially a small bottle in a large jar, two bottles of the mouth sealed up to form an empty cavity, the diameter of the two bottles of a large difference is almost a centimeter, so the cavity volume is larger, empty cavity after vacuum, due to the role of atmospheric pressure, the bile inside and out of the glass shell pressure.Vetrosa

     When the gall bladder burst, a large number of air instantaneous filling into the cavity, air impact caused by the glass shell bursts sound. And the vacuum glass two pieces of glass clearance only 0.1~0.2mm, two square meters vacuum glass cavity volume is only a table tennis so big. Even if the vacuum glass is broken, the air filling volume is very small, will not form the air impact, even if there is crack on the glass surface, will not produce a burst and big noise.Vetrosa

    There is a big difference between the vacuum glass and the hollow glass. First, the vacuum glass between the two pieces of glass is a vacuum, the concept of vacuum is almost no gas, and the hollow two pieces of glass is the interval between dry air or inert gas. Simple and popular said that the vacuum glass "airless" hollow glass "gas". Vetrosa

    The vacuum glass is only 0 1~0.2mm, and the smallest glass is 6mm, so the vacuum glass can be done very thin, the thinnest to 6mm, and the thinnest glass also have to 12mm. The vacuum glass is surrounded by a low melting glass seal and the insulating glass is sealed with an organic sealant.Vetrosa