How To Glue The Vetrosa

Surface treatment with a mechanical method to deal with the surface to be exposed to the metal color, with steel rushed in the steel surface into a number of small pits, pit distance 10-15mm, the purpose is to increase the bonding area, to be around the surface of the glass To be roughened and thoroughly cleaned with a cleaning agent.Vetrosa

Transparent adhesive resin film bonding process, the use of heating can be softened into melting, play a bonding performance of the transparent resin film (thickness 0.08 ~ 1.5mm), filled with stone and glass, in the exhaust state of heating and pressing, So that the film softening melting, stone and glass to promote mutual bonding. In the stone and glass to reserve a certain gap between the gap in the injection of room temperature reaction curing type, heating reflect the curing or light reaction curing transparent resin, through the heat, light or at room temperature, curing, so that stone and glass mutual Bonding.Vetrosa In the thin stone and glass plate filled with transparent adhesive resin film, put the lower part of the heating chamber with a closed room, fully exhausted by a vacuum pump, and then heated by heating the room heater to soften the film melt in the glass weight Pressure, so that the stone and glass fully bonded, made of translucent composite panels.Vetrosa

The transparent resin film used in the first bonding process may be a polyvinyl butyral resin or an ethylene vinyl acetate resin. The second bonding process used in the bonding resin using acrylic resin. As described above, since the composite panel has a decorative and translucent function, it is installed at the opening of a certain part of the wall of the building or used as a roof light transmission plate, which not only reduces the sun's sunlight intensity, improves the air conditioning efficiency, Pattern, elegant decorative effect. In addition, in the working chamber equipped with a mercury lamp, the translucent composite plate is installed at a position of 5 to 500 mm from the light source, and the effect of the filter material can be made to soften the strong mercury lamp and improve the work of the worker effectiveness.Vetrosa