Introduction To The Surface Pattern Of Full Polished Glaze

     With the hand touch, the surface bright and soft, smooth not protruding, appear crystal clear translucent, glaze under the texture of the stone, and transparent glaze with the upper layer, like a transparent crystal glaze covered, making the whole level more three-dimensional clear.Full Polished Glaze

     All glazed tile surface of the ever-changing pattern and texture is to achieve the aesthetic feeling of decorative Korean furniture, and surface texture imitation stone is a timeless mainstream, since to imitate nature is more like the better, imitate the more really good. and polished tiles using the fabric system to complete the pattern of imitation of the different is, the full polishing glaze using printing technology to achieve its texture of the simulation effect, the two compared to the glaze hair color range, color more, the pattern can be more vivid and realistic.Full Polished Glaze

    Check the regularity of the tiles. The same specifications of the ceramic tile size difference of not more than 2 mm, in addition to pay attention to the surrounding tile is flat, thickness uniformity or not. To ensure the full polishing of the water absorption, the whole polishing glaze is polished by the traditional polished tiles through the glazing process, and then to carry out two of polishing to get the product. Therefore, to test the full polishing ceramic tile water absorption, will be a small amount of moisture poured in the back of the tile, static 10 minutes, if the droplets do not appear diffuse and infiltration of the situation, the proof of low water absorption rate, tile tightness, good, such tiles quality is qualified.Full Polished Glaze

    Check the wear resistance of the tiles, some of the quality of the glazed glaze wear resistance is very poor, it is easy to appear scratches and even cracks. As a result, consumers should test the hardness of the tiles and scrape the glazed bricks with sharp things when selecting the full throw glaze. Carefully observe the color of the tile, the pattern is blurred, the pattern of the texture is messy, the wide color difference of the glaze tile is generally low quality. In addition, the smooth texture of the words also represents the quality of the whole polishing glaze.Full Polished Glaze