Multifunctional Transparent Tempered Building Vetrosa

            Foreign research and development of a multi-functional transparent tempered glass building, much favored. This multi-functional transparent tempered building glass set fire protection, impact resistance, anti-ultraviolet and other multi-functional as a whole.Transparent Vetrosa

            According to the introduction, it is the use of multi-layer composite technology, sandwiched between the two layers of glass laminated silicic acid, transparent fireproof coating layer, can effectively cover the ultraviolet rays but can be seen through the visible light of transparent polyester film and conductive vacuum coating layer made. The liquid crystal temperature coating layer can be set up as needed. Compared with the original fireproof glass, the product will not impair the transparency, and the heat resistance can be adjusted by the combination of the glass plate and the fireproof coating layer. When encountering fire, flame contact fire retardant coating layer, paint form up layer, prevent flames, play the role of heat and fire resistance, multi-layer composite with tempered reinforcement, to reduce and resist impact, to prevent the fragmentation of glass; Transparent film layer can be cut off ultraviolet rays, through visible light, to reduce the power consumption of cold room; The conductive vacuum coating layer is formed through the electrodes at both ends to prevent condensation , but also to the indoor external heat production reflection, save the heating room of electricity; the conductive vacuum coating layer of the electrode is combined with the liquid crystal temperature coating layer, can change color, play the role of shade and shading, at the same time conductive vacuum coating also has the function of reflective radio, because of its many functions, especially applicable to the requirements of fireproof windows, round roof glass door cover, glass curtain wall, high-rise building glass and so on.Transparent Vetrosa

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