Outer Wall Cleaning Of Vetrosa

In modern cities, more and more high-rise buildings, a variety of skyscrapers become a beautiful landscape in the modern city. In the construction industry, because of the good lighting, thermal insulation performance, color glass practical beauty, high-rise building outside the wall more and more use of glass curtain wall structure, but in order to ensure the appearance of a clean and beautiful, a long time, you need to clean the wall, to beautify the city appearance. Many open cities stipulate that they should be cleaned several times a year.Vetrosa

At present, there are two main methods of cleaning the glass curtain wall of high-rise building, one is the cleaning of glass curtain wall by lifting platform or hanging basket, although it is simple and convenient, but the labor intensity is big, the work efficiency is low, it belongs to the high altitude limit operation to the personal safety and glass Metope has the The other is to use the rail and sling system mounted on the roof to automatically scrub the window.Vetrosa This way the initial cost of investment is higher (up to millions of yuan), and the need to consider the window-cleaning system at the beginning of the design of the building, thus restricting its use, so there is a need to replace the human and have some flexibility and applicability of the automatic machine to do this work, and the glass curtain wall Most of them are in the height of dozens of meters or even hundreds of meters, and there is no climbing bracket around, which makes the cleaning of glass curtain walls a heavy, dangerous and costly task.Vetrosa

If the personnel to clean, not only expensive, and security is difficult to guarantee. In particular, some countries and regions have already adopted legislation to limit the artificial high-altitude climbing, including window-cleaning operations, and people have to find other solutions.Vetrosa