Polished Vetrosa Polishing Process Introduced

Glass polishing refers to the use of chemical or physical methods to eliminate the glass surface lines, scratches and some other flaws, improve the glass transparency and refractive index, so that glass is more vitrified. The use of fire on the glass surface of the softening of the glass and the impact of fire on the glass, glass products can solve some of the surface of the grain but the surface of the glass after the treatment will be reduced flatness of the general hollow glass cut after the mouth is rough Method of polishing.Polished Vetrosa

The use of polishing powder on the glass surface of the high-speed friction to remove the scratches, sassafras, etc., to maximize the glass to improve the light transmission and refraction effect !!! In the polishing before the first part of the polished polished, The flattened application of more than 400 mesh polished grinding discs. This polishing method uses a lot of tools and materials.Polished Vetrosa Mechanical polishing is to rely on cutting, plastic deformation of the surface to remove the polished polished surface and get a smooth surface of the polishing method, the general use of oil stone, wool wheel, sandpaper, etc., mainly to manual operation, special parts such as the surface of the rotor can be The use of turntable and other auxiliary tools, high surface quality requirements can be used super-fine grinding method. Ultra-fine grinding is the use of special abrasive, containing abrasive in the polishing liquid, the workpiece in the workpiece surface, for high-speed rotary motion. Using this technology can achieve Ra0.008μm surface roughness, is the highest of a variety of polishing methods. Optical lens molds often use this method.Polished Vetrosa

Chemical polishing is to let the material in the chemical medium in the surface of the micro-protruding part of the concave part of the priority to dissolve, resulting in a smooth surface. The main advantage of this method is the need for complex equipment, you can polish the shape of the complex parts, you can polish a lot of workpieces, high efficiency. The core problem of chemical polishing is the preparation of the polishing solution. The surface roughness obtained by chemical polishing is generally 10 m.Polished Vetrosa