Polished Vetrosa Process

     Electrolytic polishing process How to make the surface of the specimen bright as a mirror, there is no perfect theory, can be said that the electrolysis process of all phenomena. The film theory is considered to be a reasonable hypothesis.Polished Vetrosa
     The film theory holds that when electrolytic polishing is near the anode surface of the specimen, the electrolyte is formed on the specimen with the surface concave and convex, a layer of thick viscous film is not uniform. Because of the stirring flow of the electrolyte, the diffusion flow is very fast in the area near the surface of the specimen, and the film is thinner, and the diffusion flow is relatively slow and the film is thicker in the place near the surface of the specimen. The specimen can be polished with this layer of uneven thickness of the film is closely related. Polished Vetrosa
     The membrane resistance is very big, so the film is very thin place, the current density is very big, the membrane is very thick place, the current density is very small. The current density varies widely in the sample grinding, where the current density is the highest, the metal dissolves rapidly in the electrolyte, and the concave part dissolves slowly.Polished Vetrosa
    Mechanical polishing: The polishing machine with glass polishing wheel, dipped in glass polishing powder to polish the glass surface, the operation process is the same as other polishing. Chemical polishing: Polishing the glass surface with chemical liquids (usually hydrofluoric acid solution) There are two kinds of operation technology, soaking pool method (soak the whole piece of glass in the medicine tank for 2-3 hours, finally clean, used for both sides of the glass polishing) and one-sided immersion method (glass without polishing surface affixed to protect the film, edge with adhesive tape to put a block of water , glass after putting the liquid medicine poured on the glass surface, the depth is not less than 3 mm and as far as possible evenly, 2-3 hours, and finally clean.Polished Vetrosa