Polished Vetrosa Process And Way

     The use of polishing powder on the glass surface of high-speed friction to remove scratches, sassafras and so on, to maximize the transparency of glass and refraction effect!!! Sanding the polished parts before polishing, pure plane application of more than 400 mesh emery grinding. Polished Vetrosa

      The use of such polishing methods and materials are many, but the best effect is the wool wheel + cerium oxide (common names: Rare earth polishing powder) about the production and use of machinery is not in this detailed, applicable material glass: Most of the glass products.Polished Vetrosa

     The surface treatment of glass by using acid to corrode the glass before polishing also need to use the surface of the glass abrasive belt polishing, because the acid polishing can reduce the thickness of the glass a lot, but does not necessarily be able to remove all the lines of the glass. Its formula varies according to the glass material. This method is very dangerous! Non-professionals and companies with complete equipment do not recommend personal testing, the applicable material glass: any glass (but the effect of polishing is determined by the glass material itself).Polished Vetrosa

     Chemical polishing: Polishing the glass surface with chemical liquids (usually hydrofluoric acid solution) There are two kinds of operation technology, soaking pool method (soak the whole piece of glass in the medicine tank for 2-3 hours, finally clean, used for both sides of the glass polishing) and one-sided immersion method (glass without polishing surface affixed to protect the film, edge with adhesive tape to put a block of water , glass after putting the liquid medicine poured on the glass surface, the depth is not less than 3 mm and as far as possible evenly, 2-3 hours, and finally clean.Polished Vetrosa