Principle Of Frit Glaze Recipe

1, made of fritted insoluble in water

2, equivalent of RO2, frit and B2O3 and R2O and RO number and ratio should be between 1-3:1 between the two, to ensure appropriate melting, not because of high temperatures during melting and evaporation of alkali metal oxide, PbO.

3, outside of feldspar, K2O.Na2O raw materials, should be introduced in frit, boron-containing compounds is also true.

4, Frits R2O:RO<1

5, Frits ingredients SiO2:B2O3>2 Borate in solubility, solubility of silica can be reduced.

6, the number of ingredients in frit Al2O3<0.2 Mole. Al2O3 frit too many ingredients of high melting temperature, when melting volatile losses.

7, toxic substances, all the ingredients in frit.