Principles Of Metal Ink Product, Formulation And Application Of

Metal-ceramic inks through ink-jet printing on ceramics to achieve Platinum metallic, yellow gold metallic, shiny silver special decorative effects such as ceramics inks.

Traditional principles of metal glaze is: base glaze added Fe, Cu, Ni, Ti, Zn, such as one or more transition metal oxides, saturated in high temperature, crystallization, produced copper imitation, imitation gold, Silver metallic luster.

Colorobbia company (Colorobbia) launch in 2010, including metallic inks and Flash C-Shine series ink. Tao Lixi company (Torrecid) in 2012 launched the Metal-CID series can be used to burn three times ink, can achieve the effect of gold, Platinum and gold effect, in September 2012 and on display at the Bologna exhibition of ceramic tile bathroom. Ferro in 2013, the company introduced the Inksnova series ink, subsidence effect can be achieved, Pearl and metallic inks the decorative effect.