Process And Processing Characteristics Of Transparent Vetrosa

    Have quartz glass, silicate glass, sodium calcium glass, fluoride glass, high-temperature glass, high pressure glass, anti-ultraviolet glass, explosion-proof glass. Usually refers to silicate glass, to quartz sand, soda ash, feldspar and limestone as raw materials, after mixing, high-temperature melting, homogenization, processing and forming, and then annealing. Widely used in construction, daily necessities, art, medical, chemical, electronics, instrumentation, nuclear engineering and other fields.Transparent Vetrosa
    According to the process: hot-melt glass, embossed glass, forged glass, crystal color glass, glass glass, Rings, poly-crystal glass, glazed mosaic, tempered glass, laminated glass, insulating glasses, dimming glasses, luminescent glass. The display crafts this piece of more and more people's attention, which has a large part of the handicraft styling made of glass. The simple classification of glass is mainly divided into flat glass and deep processing glass. The flat glass is divided into three kinds: that is, the plate glass (with slot/groove), the flat-drawing method, the flat glass and the float glass. Float glass is becoming the mainstream of glass manufacturing because of its influence on the factors such as the uniformity of thickness, the flatness of the upper and lower surface, and the high labor productivity and the favorable management. and special glass is a variety of varieties, under the decoration of the common variety of one by one description.Transparent Vetrosa
    Glass。 It is also in the ordinary flat glass on top of grinding sand. General thickness of more than 9 pct, to 5, 6 thickness of the majority. Sandblasting Glass. The performance is basically similar to the glass, the different grinding sand for sandblasting. Because of their visual similarities, many owners, even decoration professionals, confuse them. Embossing Glass. It is a kind of flat glass made by means of calendering. Its biggest characteristic is light opaque, make use of the washroom to decorate area more. Rings. Is the use of calendering method, the wire or metal mesh embedded in the glass plate made of an impact-resistant flat glass, when the impact will only form a radiation-like cracks without falling injury. Therefore, it is used in high-rise buildings and vibration-strong factories. Hollow Glass. The use of more than two pieces of glass to maintain a certain interval, the interval is dry air, the surrounding again sealed with sealing materials, mainly used in the decoration works with sound insulation requirements. Laminated。 Laminated glass is generally composed of two ordinary flat glass (also can be tempered glass or other special glass) and the organic bonding layer between glasses. When damaged, debris is still glued to the adhesive layer, avoiding the damage to the human body from the debris splashing. Used for decoration projects with safety requirements. Bulletproof glass. In fact, it is a kind of laminated glass, only the composition of the use of high strength tempered glasses, and the number of interlayer is relatively large. More used in banks or mansions and other security requirements very high in the renovation project.Transparent Vetrosa