Recipe Method And Uses Of Frit

1.Low temperature frit Red

A.recipe: Red 42 zinc oxide boric acid borax 1 1.6 2.6 stalactites potassium feldspar quartz 26 11 10

B.preparation method: mineral raw material crushing 40-60 mesh sieve, then add the chemical raw material grinding uniform, mounted in the bottom of the SAGGER, used in oxidizing atmosphere until 1230 c

Melting of crushing, screening, washing, drying, extra

C.purpose: with cold chicken red glaze

2.12# flux

A.recipe: red 3 28 15 6 zinc Borate borax 3 TALC quartz 12 limestone 7

B.preparation method: distribution of chrome-Tin red, pink, blue and green glaze and low fire transparent glaze

3.Lead crystal

A.recipe: lead shot 41.67 quartz 41.67 burning potassium nitrate 16.66

B.preparation method: in cast iron pans heat, molten lead shot, add equal amounts of quartz powder and constantly stir cooled mix with potassium nitrate, mount pad saggar in 1250 c

At oxidizing flame burning, remove the frit, crushed 40 mesh sieve and set aside.

C.purpose: preparing copper red glaze and restored into a blaze of flowers


A.recipe: glass quartz powder ZnO powder 40 20 40

B.preparation method: dry grinding uniform, mount a pad of SAGGER oxidation to 1230 ° c melting, remove the frit crush 40 mesh sieve spare

C.purpose:equipped with ceramic glaze