Settlement Principle Of Ink Formulation And Application

Subsidence effect caused by two types of components are:

1.containing K2O, Na2O, PbO, strong oxide flux effect of low temperature frit, beginning low melting point, and does not burn full melting of the glaze firing contraction of relatively large;

2.V2O5, on one hand, it can reduce the melting glaze of viscosity and surface tension lead glazed surfaces are concave, at high temperatures on the other hand, V2O5 decomposition of O2, the gases break through the glaze, formed a smooth, concave under local.

SWOT analysis of the sunken glazed Jet brick products:

1.advantages (Strength): fine textures, concave-convex solid, smooth, without Embossing dies;

2.weakness (Weakness): domestic consumption like smooth and bright, traditional settlement market is unlikely to the glaze; SAG more rugged inkjet screen-no obvious advantage; ink-jet equipment and production costs are high;

3.opportunities (Op-portunity): the homogenization of decoration needed difference, take the stone brick and imitation wood grain tile on the ride, the marketing of a new selling point;

4.the threat (Threat): core technologies in the ink enterprises can easily lead to homogeneity.