Specification For Production Of Insulating Vetrosa

             1. Manufacturing personnel engaged in insulating glass should carry out relevant professional training. 2 Insulating glass production should have a perfect process operating procedures or work instructions. 3. Insulating glass should be manufactured according to the ambient temperature in different regions, air pressure difference and engineering characteristics, to adopt the corresponding manufacturing process. 4. The materials used in insulating glass shall conform to the standard requirements and shall comply with the design requirements when the standard is not required. No material prohibited or eliminated by the state expressly used. 5. Insulating glass materials, specifications, The model shall conform to the requirements of the design document, and shall have the quality certificate document and the performance report. The imported materials shall have the goods inspection certificate. 6. When the material is purchased, the type and item of the material for reinspection shall conform to the regulations of the building and industrial Glass Association. The same type of material produced by the same enterprise shall be inspected in at least one group of samples and provided with a test report. 7. The materials used in the manufacture of insulating glass must take effective measures to prevent damage during transportation, storage and production. , metamorphism and pollution. 8. Insulating glass production and manufacturing should be in the quality of raw material acceptance and inspection records of all processes, insulating glass products should identify manufacturers and dates. 9. Insulating Glass finished products, should be in accordance with the current national standards, insulating glass >gb/t11944 requirements, quality departments to carry out sampling. Quality inspection shall conform to the following requirements: spacer, molecular sieve, filling of gas and glass raw material quality acceptance, should be in each process section as a test batch. Insulating Glass finished product should be inspected by batch group , the quantity of random sampling is carried out according to the current national standard of insulating glass >gb/t11944.10. Type inspection and factory inspection project shall form inspection documents.Vetrosa

             This is the standard requirement of the Guild. The quality of the glass produced is guaranteed. The market should be good. But there are a few points to note.Vetrosa

             First, the industry training, must be "thin", such as the uniform coating, aluminum incision smooth, clean glass washing degree, the speed of the desiccant, the machine does not matter, but there are many are artificial, slow the role of desiccant is lost. These are small problems, but when it comes to insulating glass, this is a big factor affecting the life of the insulating glass. So the training must be nuanced.Vetrosa

              Second: The production environment of insulating glass must be kept dry, ventilated, temperature should be controlled at about 25 degrees. Special time desiccant filling room humidity must be controlled under 10%, and avoid prolonged exposure to the desiccant air, after loading aluminum strip should also be in the shortest possible time, generally within 45 minutes. Especially in the south of China, there is a period of Meiyu season, in this period more to seize the time to close the film. In case the desiccant absorbs the moisture in the air, if it fails, To reuse is also possible, but first in 300 degrees of high-temperature furnace drying 2-3 hours.Vetrosa