Steps Of Polished Vetrosa For Automotive Glass

                The first step, glass surface cleaning and glass polishing before the preparation work 1, the first to be repaired around the edge of the glass tape surrounding, so as to avoid the glass when polishing the car and surrounding environment. 2, carefully clean the glass and glass polishing sandpaper surface, can not have any dust, sand and other adhesion. 3, before the glass polishing, the first with a marker in the glass behind the circle to be polished to repair the site, to avoid the move caused by the polishing area too large.Polished Vetrosa

                The second step, with P120, P240, P400, P600 glass sandpaper to eliminate the glass scratches 1, note here the sandpaper model and the daily hand-polishing sandpaper model is different, can not be used with the day-to-day use of sandpaper. 2, will be polishing the liquid according to the need to pour out a little, to 1:1 of the proportion of water dilution, up to 1:5, for sandpaper polishing use. 3, scratches the polishing place must guarantee the polishing liquid to be sufficient, any time sandpaper cannot directly in the glass surface dry mill. A. Deep scratches (hands feel Obvious): P120 Glass Sandpaper first--------P240 with P600 sandpaper again, so that the surface reached the final polishing requirements, can also omit this directly into the third step. B. Slight scratches (hands feel no feeling but there is white mark): P400 Glass Sandpaper-----with P600 sandpaper again polishing, so that the surface reached the final polishing requirements, can also omit this directly into the third step.Polished Vetrosa

                The third step, the replacement of polishing liquid with special polishing wheel polishing and reducing glass translucent 1, clean the glass to observe the scope of sandpaper, coated with polished liquid using dedicated polishing wheel (using the appropriate pressure, polishing machine tray and glass surface should be flat) polishing. If there is no polishing machine can be polished by hand polishing, attention at this time moving speed not too fast, carefully polished, to ensure the effect. 2. If the gloss is poor, repeat the above steps. Polished Vetrosa