Thanks For All Customers And All Our Staff And Raw Material Supplier

Near the ending time of 2016,we must thanks for all customer and all the raw material supplier, also thanks for the hard work of all workers.


During 2016, as the reason of envirment protection pressure from china government,close of some furnace and arise cost of truck delivery,our cost have arise much.

But with the lead of our boss, we successly supply high quality to all of our customer with stable price.

1.    We have a big warehouse and the max quantity can reach 20,000 tons for stock, so we can guarantee timely delivery and stable price.

2.    We can produce one code ceramic frit with one furnace for long time, no other code frit, so it can guarantee the quality stable.

3.    As a big company, we can buy and store some raw material in our warehouse with low price.

4.    The important point is the working attitude of all staff.Our technicals team visit our customer and work with them for whole year and we can always develop new products to adapt their kiln condition. 

For 2017, we have the strong belief that we can do better together.