The following is how jinming company to control the ceramic frit quality from raw materil to ceramic frit produce and the last quality re-check ,the whole systems to ensure ceramic frit stable for customer.

1.To make sure purchasing material quality stable

Technician will analyse chemical elements by Multielement fast analyzer for every batch raw materials.Materials sample would be burned under 1400℃ temperature after playing pie.The materials would be approved to use when test result is qualitied with standard materials.


2.We always test every batch ceramic frit formula again and over again in our would be organized electronic batching in workshop before ceramic frit formula pass test . all kinds of materials is mixted well-distributed and melted under 1500℃-1600℃ temperature and poured into water to finsh product.


3.We set up roller kiln which simulate the ceramic tile factory production conditions to test our frit on the tile and buy whiteness detector,glossy detector and thermal expansion detector to test frit’s whiteness ,glossy and COE, the product store in warehouse after inspect qualified. Unqualified product do not allow to transport from our factory.We try our best to guarantee our product stable.Our tenet is to solve problem by ourself and make convenience to our customer.

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