The Use Of Transparent Vetrosa Atmosphere And Development Prospects

      New two-story building, windows and balcony glass is transparent or opaque good? Where is the difference? (Price, price difference, role, thickness, etc.)Transparent Vetrosa  If it is to live in a layer, it is recommended to use the following opaque transparent glass is better. If you live more than two buildings, or recommend a transparent glass is good. Because it can be more conducive to lighting, home more sunshine, especially for the elderly and children of the family more benefit. Price, price difference, thickness is not very clear. But the individual suggested: if it is the whole family, with a transparent curtains. If it is three or two small, with a single direction transparent. The role is very simple, transparent and cheaper, a large family, nothing too much need to pay attention. Small couple or a family of three, will be sometimes inconvenient. In a one-way transparent price will certainly be more expensive, but how much of my I do not know. If the conditions permit, are made in a single direction transparent (see outside, outside can not see inside) can also be, so the best match the window, you can switch, want to open transparent, do not want to turn off the transparent.Transparent Vetrosa

     China's glass industry overcapacity, vicious competition has caused a wide range of losses within the industry, a substantial increase in inventories, prices fell sharply. At the same time, production costs continue to rise, corporate funds are very tight. In the cost of international enterprises to accelerate domestic investment at the same time, China's glass industry will accelerate the survival of the fittest. Although, energy prices and industrial policy-oriented will accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, improve market concentration. Transparent Vetrosa

    But we believe that the more important one is the international business investment tendencies change, may be some surviving enterprises are facing greater survival crisis. At present, some enterprises hold the key technology of the industry, from these enterprises before the investment strategy to see, in order to ensure the relative monopoly of the market, most of the technology to block, not external transfer technology. This shows that these glass giants generally do not directly build factories in China, more likely to be through the acquisition of shares of enterprises to invest in the way. Therefore, the transfer of this investment tendency will not be able to enhance the low level of China's glass industry manufacturing status, integration only to get the market and reduce costs, which will further intensify the domestic glass market competition intensity, the face of more technology and cost The advantages of the international giants, this crisis will be more widely affected to the domestic industry has the advantage of the enterprise, more business survival will be difficult to sustain Transparent Vetrosa