Traditional Thick Ceramic Frit Began Melting Temperature Technology

Now, a growing number of ceramic enterprise to seize the microcrystalline market, homogeneity, low price competition. Part of the ceramic enterprises seeking differentiated development, developed a plan to develop thin or thick ceramics-ceramics, burning and pioneered the development of a microcrystalline, seeking a breakthrough in the production process, hoping to lower energy cost, more environmentally friendly. Burned once but due to its raw material cost, technical control, there are still difficulties, therefore crystallized products is still mainly twice. Guangdong Pearl building materials, Marketing Director of Dunhuang xiaoyong du, said no twice due to a burning technology matures, in order to guarantee product quality and responsible for the consumer, and Pearl stuck with twice. Meanwhile, the technical team is tackling a burning, produced complete stability and then to market.

Twice both transparency and the wear little more than a burning well, and after a burn technology is mature, and enables Adobe and frit with better color and quality of the product have also upgraded. Crystallized from the development of secondary burn to burn change frit technology upgrade is the most critical. Burnt ceramic frit used improved frit broke through the previous starts melting temperature of traditional technology, using a special formula of microcrystalline glass, frit at a certain temperature conditions of crystallization, finished almost comparable with the traditional double firing. Precisely because of the advantages of burning evident, more and more of the ceramic enterprises to join the fire research and development team. According to incomplete statistics, in the second half of 2012, the country developed a burnt ceramic frit enterprise does not exceed 10, but 2013 has reached around 15. According to the industry, along with the expansion and maturity of microcrystalline, 2014 will be a concentrated outbreak. In Foshan local, currently engaged in ceramic frit production companies as far away as the Thai glazed, Cheng Xiang technology, the Hing Kai glaze near 10.