Transparent Vetrosa Tells You The Safety Precautions Of The Glass

    Ordinary flat glass, also known as window glass. Flat glass with light transmission, heat insulation, sound insulation, wear-resistant, weather-resistant performance, some also have insulation, endothermic, radiation and other characteristics, and thus widely used in mosaic buildings, doors and windows, walls, interior decoration. The specifications of the flat glass are usually divided into 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm, as well as the production of 8mm and 10mm. General 2mm, 3mm thick suitable for civil buildings, 4mm--6mm for industrial and high-rise buildings.Transparent Vetrosa

    The main defects affecting the quality of flat glass are bubble, stone and wave rib. The bubble is a hidden void in the vitreous, which is produced during the cooling stage of the manufacturing process. Stone commonly known as lumps, also known as sand, is in the glass of solid inclusions, which is the most dangerous in the vitreous defects, it not only destroys the appearance of glass products and optical uniformity, but also greatly reduce the mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass products, and even make the products themselves cracked.Transparent Vetrosa

    Colorless transparent or slightly greenish green; Thick of glass should be uniform, size should be standardized, there is no or few bubbles, stones and bars, scratches and other defects. Users in the purchase of glass, you can first put two pieces of glass flat together, so that mutual anastomosis, open to the very great strength, then the glass is very flat.Transparent Vetrosa

    In addition to carefully observe the glass has no bubbles, stones and bars, scratches and so on, the quality of the glass is 60 centimeters away, back light to observe the naked eye, do not allow large or concentrated bubbles, do not allow the lack of angle or crack, glass surface allows to see the maximum angle of the wave bar, line should not exceed 45 degrees; The glass is stored in moist place for a long time, the surface will form a layer of Bai, make glass transparency will be greatly reduced, choose to pay attention to.Transparent Vetrosa