Transparent Vetrosa With Different Styles

In the summer, we always want to find a way to make the room show a little cool. Crystal clear glass products can give a transparent and cool feeling; green, a symbol of life, a symbol of vitality, giving people a sense of pleasure in nature; water to enhance the role of living quality is not small, the appropriate water features, Can play a rich space environment and regulate the role of micro-climate, enhance the comfort of living. Here we give you an idea to build a cool home.Transparent Vetrosa

Glass is very familiar with the material, previously only decorative materials on the use of auxiliary materials, and now, almost all of the indoor furniture can be used to produce glass. The most attractive place is that it is placed in the room for the indoor space to bring fresh and clear atmosphere. Especially in the summer, glass products can be like ice to bring people a refreshing experience.Transparent Vetrosa Visually speaking, the glass in the home can be divided into transparent glass, sparkling glass, stained glass, sculpture glass, mirrors and so on. These can be collectively referred to as art glass. Transparent glass, the mirror can be seen everywhere, the most widely used: grinding glass is the brushwork, freehand painting, writing, fish, people, landscapes and other grinding on the glass, making the glass three-dimensional sense has been enhanced; Of the characters vivid and bright, elegant pattern patterns, expressive strong, spray glass is art on the glass art carving, scrub processing, the color is very bright.Transparent Vetrosa

From the functional point of view, can be divided into tempered glass, laminated glass and sandblasting glass. Toughened glass is rugged, and the weight of wood furniture is comparable, and it is visually transparent and bright, free and easy posture, plasticity; laminated glass is a more secure glass, especially in the broken When not splashing, high temperature capability is also very outstanding; sandblasted glass through the translucent matte to enhance the soft feeling and privacy.

Many people like to buy some glass ornaments, such as glass vases, cups, handicrafts, as well as transparent glass candlestick, glass glasses, etc., these glass jewelry, you can place any place in the home need to embellish, the room embellishment Be fresh and pleasant, especially in the summer can create a cool feeling, and sometimes even unexpected romantic effect.Transparent Vetrosa