Treatment Technology Of Vetrosa

     A general designation that guarantees personal safety. It is usually made of enhanced treatment, laminated composite or special composition. This kind of glass has high mechanical strength, good impact resistance, or heat-resisting shock, and no sharp edges and corners are formed when broken, debris does not splash, does not drop, can prevent damage caused by impact, fire and other glass fragments on human body. Special safety Glass can also withstand the shooting of bullets, shielding high-energy rays (such as x-rays, rays, etc.) and to prevent the spread of fire.Vetrosa
    The main varieties of safety glass are: tempered glass, laminated glasses, bulletproof glassware, anti-theft glass, fireproof glass, Rings and protective glass. Tempered glass is hardened and reinforced. Glass is made by cooling medium, such as high speed air, when the glass is heated evenly to soften temperature. There is uniform compressive stress on the glass surface, which can improve the mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance of glass. The use of air as cooling medium is called tempering, liquid cooling medium, such as oil, is said to be tempered with molten salt as cooling medium. According to its degree of firmness and the different shape of the product, can be divided into completely tempered, regional steel, half tempered, flat tempered and bending steel and other varieties.Vetrosa
     Tempered glass bending strength than untreated $number times, can reach 150~250 MPA, thermal stability increase $number times, can withstand the 200~250℃ temperature difference, the formation of no sharp edges and corners of the particles, damage to the human body is very small, is the most widely used safety glass.Vetrosa
     In recent years, due to the adoption of a new tempering process, such as roller or air cushion type plane tempering, the development of new cooling medium, such as adding special solid medium to compressed air, high volatile liquid and using organic silicone oil medium and solid contact method etc, greatly improve cooling efficiency of cooling medium, Can be tempered 1.7~3 mm thin glass and further improve glass strength, reduce weight. Also developed the printing, spraying color glaze glazed glass. Tempered glass is mainly used in the construction of doors, windows, window, enclosure structure and used as decorative materials.Vetrosa