Vacuum Transparent Vetrosa

            China's vacuum glass development and industrialization process began in 1998 Mr. Tang returned home. After 10 years of efforts have formed more than 10 patents and 100,000 meters 2/year capacity. In the application, more than 20 large buildings have used vacuum glass curtain wall or vacuum glass window. Figure 1 is the first full vacuum glass building in China----the appearance of Beijing Tian Heng Mansion.Transparent Vetrosa

            As a "transparent flat flask"-the structure of the vacuum glass. The outstanding advantage of vacuum glass is its good thermal insulation (thermal insulation) performance, the technical parameter of the concrete representation is "the heat transfer coefficient" "U value--" means that the heat passes through the center of the glass without considering the edge effect, and the unit time passes through the unit area of heat when the air temperature of the two sides of the glass is poor in steady state. The Unit of the U value is:/(m2· k) ". Under the same conditions, if the unit temperature difference between two surfaces of glass is the thermal conductivity C (w/m2· k). The reciprocal of the thermal conductivity is thermal resistance R (m2k/w).Transparent Vetrosa

            The heat transfer of vacuum glass consists of 3 parts: radiation heat transfer, heat transfer of support and heat transfer of residual gas. Fig. 3 Compares the difference of heat transfer mechanism between vacuum glass and insulating glass. 1865 the first hollow glass patent was born in the USA. In the following decades there have been three kinds of production technology, at present in the global production of insulating glass, bonding method accounted for 55%~60%, welding method accounted for 30%~35%, the fusion method accounted for 10%. The progress of insulating glass production technology is inseparable from the appearance of new materials. China's insulating glass research and development began in 1964, Hing in 1994, has been more than 50 years of history, at present, the scale of the insulating glass production plant over, equipped with 570 insulating glass production line (including the introduction of the line about 80), an annual output of about 150 million square meters.Transparent Vetrosa