Common glass is usually added to other ingredients. For example, the crystal glass (lead glass, also called PB-Glass), which appears to be very flashing, adds lead to the glass, which increases the refractive index of the glass and produces a more dazzling refraction. As for the Pyrex Glass (Pyrex), boron is added to change the thermal and electrical properties of the glass. Adding barium can also increase the refractive index. The glass that makes the optical lens is the oxide that joins thorium to increase the refractive index significantly. If the glass absorbs infrared rays can be added to the iron, the projector inside will have this insulating glass. Adding cerium to the glass absorbs ultraviolet rays.Vetrosa

              Adding a variety of metal and metal oxides to the glass can also change the color of the glass. For example, small amounts of manganese can change the light green caused by iron in the glass, and a little more manganese can cause lavender glass. Selenium has similar effects. A small amount of cobalt can cause blue glass. Tin oxides and arsenic oxides can cause opaque white glass, which appears to be white ceramics. The oxide of copper can cause green glass. Metallic copper will cause deep red, opaque glass, which looks like a ruby. Nickel can cause blue, dark purple, and even black glass. Titanium can cause brown and yellow. Tiny amounts of gold (about 0.001%) cause the glass to be very distinct, like the color of a ruby. Uranium (0.1% to 2%) caused by the glass is fireflies yellow or green.Vetrosa

              Silver compounds can cause orange to yellow glass. Changing the temperature of the glass will also change the color of these compounds, but the chemical principle is rather complex and is still not fully clear. In the next five years, China will open up the dual transformation of economy and society, transform the mode of development and adjust the economic structure as the main line, and deploy China's economic society from outside to domestic demand, from high carbon to Low-carbon, from powerful to enriching the three major transformations. China Glass during the "Twelve-Five" period of focus on the goal is: to save energy and reduce emissions as the hand, adjust the industrial structure, with large enterprises as the leading, accelerate the integration of resources. We hope that China's glass industry will be transformed from big to strong in the next 10 years.Vetrosa