What Are The Recipes For Full Polished Glaze?

     What are the differences between polished tiles and glazed tiles? Polished tile is a kind of bright brick which is polished and formed by the surface of the body of adobe, belonging to the brick. Glazed tile is a kind of special glaze which can be polished in glaze, it is the last glaze of antique brick, which is generally transparent glazed or transparent convex glaze. Full Polished Glaze

     Polished tiles and glazed tile color difference: Polished tile color is relatively single, not too big changes, glazed tile because is printed on the pattern after the glaze, color to bright. Look at the side of the brick, glazed tile layer is more obvious, it is obvious to see the glazed surface.Full Polished Glaze

     Polished tiles and glazed tiles are not the same, polished tile texture can not be very small, glazed tiles to do like the fine lines of needlework. Polished brick is the surface of the brick is polished into a polished brick, more easily dirty. , all parabolic glaze is a kind of antique brick, all the glazed antique brick and polished tiles are porcelain bricks, and are polished on the surface of the surface, but the whole polishing glaze and polished tiles is the polished tile.Full Polished Glaze

     Glazed tile is composed of two parts of the embryo body and glaze surface, so when the identification can look at the side of the tile or the cross-section, is not the same, or to see the surface of the tile and the color of the embryo is consistent, the inconsistency is glazed tile.Full Polished Glaze

    Polished tiles are suitable in addition to toilets, most of the indoor space outside the kitchen, but polished bricks in the production of the concave and convex pores, these pores will be filth, resulting in the surface is very easy to infiltrate the pollutants, and even some of the tea poured in the polished bricks are back to the powerless, and glazed tiles to prevent pollution is far more than polished tiles Full Polished Glaze