What Is The Difference Between Polished Tiles And Full Polished Glaze?

                  Now there are many types of building decoration materials, including polished tiles and full polishing is one of the more representative of the two, may be a lot of people on the polished tiles and the total polishing glaze is not clear, do not know their differences, by the author visited Eton ceramics, Wang Ceramics, Xizhi to ceramic tiles, home ceramics, Qianghui ceramics, to de Li Ceramics and other enterprises in charge, summed up the difference between polished tiles and all polishing.

                  Polished brick refers to the high temperature, high pressure molding, and then by high-speed high-precision equipment grinding, polishing. All cast glaze is made of brick, in the brick surface dipped in a layer of glaze, by firing, the hardness is low, the surface does not have polished tiles flat and bright, but anti-fouling performance is strong.

                  Polished tile is a kind of bright brick which is polished and formed by the surface of the body of adobe, belonging to the brick. Polished bricks are hard to wear and are suitable for use in most indoor spaces except bathrooms and kitchens, such as balconies, exterior walls, etc. On the basis of the application of infiltration technology, polished tiles can make all kinds of imitation stone, imitation wood effect.Full Polished Glaze

                 Polishing brick is more colorful than polished tiles, and the simulation degree is high, it combines the advantages of antique bricks and polished tiles, and then polishes the brick surface on the basis of glazed tiles. The craft is more complex than polished tiles. The appearance of both glazed tile rich color, and polished tiles of the bright clean, therefore expensive.Full Polished Glaze

                 From the color and texture of the distinction: polished tile surface of the various colors will not be too strong, you completely throw the glaze is not restricted, red and black yellow and blue purple completely no problem. The texture of polished tiles is not very small, and the whole glaze can be made into fine lines like needle and thread.

                 The most important difference is the Adobe: Polished tile is to infiltrate the color into the brick body, so on the surface below the 1-2mm brick body color and the surface is the same. And the whole throw glaze is completely different, completely does not penetrate to the brick body, if the brick surface only then one layer of Chang one color layer is certainly the entire polishing glaze.Full Polished Glaze

                 Polished tiles due to the special production process to make the hardness high, smooth surface smoothness to the mirror. Anti-fouling performance of glazed tiles, brick under the glaze is not as polished brick as the process of production by high temperature and pressure, the density is not polished brick high, so it is easier to absorb water than polished bricks. The water absorption rate is also higher. Glazed tiles than polished tiles rich in color, but also polished tiles bright clean, but expensive.Full Polished Glaze